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Emphysema and Smoking – Give Up Before You Die

Sunday, September 24th, 2017

Emphysema is a disease that affects the air sacs of the lungs, the alveolus. Exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide occurs in the alveolus. Inhaling toxins such as cigarette smoke will eventually affect the elasticity of the alveolus causing a significant reduction in the exchange of oxygen-dioxide carbon. Our body will then not be able to do normal activities properly, such as walking. The result is a shortness of breath which can be fatal.

If you are smoker and you suffer persistent dry cough with phlegm visit a doctor as you may be in the earlier stages of the illness. It is a good idea to ask for a lung X-ray. During the earlier stages, the treatment is basically healthy living. A typical treatment will consist of stopping smoking to enhance the immune system. The immunity can be also enhanced by using supplements such as Echinacea and Zinc as advised by your natural therapist. Remember that your naturopath or nutritionist is the expert in these, so see them as well as your doctor. In some instances you may need to get flu and pneumonia shots from the doctor to prevent further illnesses. Obviously also have a healthy balanced lifestyle of exercise, rest and good food.

In the mild stages the doctor may advise puffers to open up the airways but as the disease progresses other medications such as diuretics, corticosteroids, leukotriene inhibitors and over-the-counter mucus stimulators may be needed. At this point doctors may suggest a rehabilitation program. The severe stage is where patients need oxygen therapy from a portable container and a nasal tube or even a lung transplant.

A rehabilitation program often consists of aerobic exercise machines such as exercise bikes, stair climbers or treadmills to increase cardiovascular strength as the lungs cannot improve. This makes the circulation more efficient and training is done under medical supervision.

Exercises must be continued to maintain improved function and they are often accompanied by relaxation techniques such as yoga to relieve the anxiety that comes with the inability to breathe. Furthermore, most of the programs incorporate information on how to quit smoking and how to handle impaired breathing which will impact many areas of your life, including your sex life.

Medications for emphysema are effective at suppressing the symptoms, helping to open the airways and ease the cough. The problem is the side effects of this medication which may impact negatively on heart, liver and kidney function.

Natural remedies involve stopping some foods such as bananas, sugar and dairy products as they produce mucus which tend to clog the air passages. Increasing antioxidants with at least three to four servings a day of fruits and 1000mg of fish oil daily reduces inflammation. Often larger amounts of supplements are needed depending on the severity of the illness. Your natural practitioner is the best person to supervise this.

Nevertheless, everybody know that the best way to prevent emphysema or any disease related with smoking is just is to turf the packet of smokes before you even get sick. It’s no longer socially ‘cool’ to smoke; you are just damaging your health and shortening your life. There are also many more illnesses that come from smoking as you will see advertised on cigarette packs. Everyone knows it’s bad for you so why can’t you quit?

There could be many reasons why you are stuck in this destructive practice. Remember the chemicals that are sprayed on tobacco these days and what actually goes into the cigarette is addictive. You need help to give up an addiction. Some researchers point out that smoking is linked with subconscious self-sabotage and even maybe a death wish. So there is a link to stress, anxiety and depression. People that are depressed often smoke more the more depressed they become. Hypnotherapy, NLP, cognitive therapy are just three natural methods to quit smoking. There are some drugs available but remember all those will have side effects. Sometimes as much as the cigarettes themselves. If you seek natural therapy the number of sessions you need will vary from person to person. Once the core reason why you smoke is addressed though you will never go back to smoking again. So go and get help before you develop a life threatening illness.

Learning to Treat the Most Common Penis Problems

Sunday, September 24th, 2017

When a man is paying close attention to good penis care, he will naturally eliminate several of the potential penis problems that could pop up. But even with the best care possible, a man will sometimes run into penis problems that he didn’t anticipate. That awful itchy penis, a redness that won’t go away, little irritations or even an attack of rank penis odor can all catch a man by surprise. When these things happen, he wants to find a remedy as soon as possible.

The good news is that these common penis problems also have quite common treatments that a man can handle right at home. Here are some of the things most men will encounter at some point during their lives and the penis care regimens required to make them go away.

1. The itchy penis. In most cases, a suddenly itchy penis is caused by an attack of dry skin. This might happen more often during the winter, right after showering with a new cleanser or shortly after using a condom. The treatment for this includes moisturizing like mad, especially if a guy sees peeling, flaking or very dry skin when he inspects his penis. He should also reconsider his use of certain condoms or lube (choosing one that is less harsh on the skin), using only all-natural cleansers and using a humidifier to keep his home comfortable in the winter.

2. The chafed, irritated and red penis. In many cases, a man will know exactly what caused this – for instance, if he went commando and his penis rubbed against his jeans, or if he had a long sex session and didn’t use enough lube. Rough masturbation, tight clothing and much more can cause those irritations that lead to redness. To alleviate this, a guy should give his penis a break from activity for a few days, use a good penis health crème on a regular basis, and keep an eye out for things that might have caused an allergic reaction, such as a new detergent.

3. The smelly penis. A penis that suddenly has an off-putting odor might be much more than a lapse in good hygiene. When regular showers and careful cleaning doesn’t do the trick, a guy’s next step is to pay very close attention to what might be causing the issue. For instance, a yeast infection usually presents with a severe itching and a rash that spreads. Over the counter treatments might help with this, but it also pays for a guy to visit the doctor and get medications that work faster.

4. The red and inflamed penis. A penis that has too much warmth to it, as well as redness, swelling and pain, might be signs of a bacterial infection. In these cases, dry penis skin often leads to tiny openings in the skin, which are just enough for bacteria to invade. Once they set up shop, it can be almost impossible to get rid of them without a round of antibiotics. If the penis is looking rather red, inflamed and sickly, get to the doctor.

5. The constant penis problems. When a man has any of these issues and tries treatment but gets nowhere fast, it might be something more concerning, such as an STD or other type of infection. If this is the case, a guy should get to the doctor as soon as possible and let the experts check it out. Constant penis problems can diminish a man’s self esteem and quality of life very quickly, so it’s important to get the bottom of it right now.

And of course, every man should remember that sudden penis pain, redness, soreness, discharge and the like calls for an immediate trip to the doctor – as there are some penis problems that require professional help!

In the meantime, a man can keep things healthy with a strong penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin). Look for a crème with Shea butter and vitamin E for hydration, vitamin A for odor control, L-arginine for blood flow and L-carnitine for protection of the peripheral nerves.